There many other impactful words besides 'I love you'

Saying ‘I love you’ is good but never enough…

‘I love you’ should be said to your spouse regularly, as a matter of the heart and as a matter of obligation (the head).

In other words, ‘I love you’ shouldn’t only be said when we feel it, we should be intentional about saying it all the time… for reassurance, to deepen the bond and trust that exists between you, and as a sign of respect for your significant-other’s continued commitment towards you.

For example, as a minimum, me and my wife will always say it every night before we sleep and every morning before we depart from each other.

However, saying ‘I love you’ alone without other heart-felt or intentional words could make that aspect of your relationship become routine, perfunctory, and boring.

We should aim to express our exact thoughts for specific moments – thoughts that will convey our exact feelings, steer-up emotions, encourage, and leave an indelible impression.

In trying moments, the ‘I love you’ that we have always said is not likely to be what our spouse remembers and will make decide them to be more conciliatory or put aside their ego; what they will remember are the words that convey how much you genuinely value them and their relationship – in all ramifications – with you.

Here are 40 other impactful words that could (should) go with ‘I love you’

1. Got many things wrong in my life but you are one I got right.

2. You are the best.

3. I love my life with you.

4. It will never be my intention to disrespect or take you for granted.

5. I appreciate you.

6. You make my life easy.

7. You are God’s gift to me

8. I am blessed to have you.

9. I love being in your company.

10. You have helped me grow.

11. Thanks for standing by me.

12. I love you as a wife (not just because you are my wife, but because you are the type of wife I always wished for)

13. You’re my one constant source of joy

14. I respect you.

15. You make my world so beautiful.

16. In another life, I would still want to be with you.

17. Thank you for being my wife.

18. Thank you for being the mother of my children (unborn children).

19. I like you just the way you are.

20. Making you happy is my number one motivation in life.

21. I love the way you love me.

22. You are constantly on my mind.

23. You are special to me.

24. My family are happy for me that I found you.

25. I bless the day you came into my life.

26. Thank you for always looking after me.

27. Thank you for always.

28. I am happy with you.

29. You’re my destiny helper.

30. I believe in you.

31. I believe in you and me.

32. I’m such a lucky wo(man)… because you’re mine. 

33. You are my pride and joy.

34. I know I can always count on you.

35. I love seeing you happy.

36. I made it because of your constant support.

37. I can’t stand to see you suffer.

38. You bring out the best in me.

39. I love to show you off.

40. I admire your qualities as a wo(man).

This list is obviously very far from exhaustive. The idea is simply that besides ‘I love you’, other more specific words of encouragement, satisfaction, delight, support, gratitude, affirmation, and reassurance are needed. 

I know I might have waxed lyrical at times, lol, still I bet there are some more romantically creative souls out there.

So over to you ^^

What other words apart from ‘I love you’ do you say to your spouse, fiance, or fiancee?

Share your thoughts in the comments.