We all have moments in our lives when we are feeling hopeless because nothing seems to work and there is little to cheer.

In times like this, depression can quickly set in if our emotions are not well managed.

If this happens, a negative chain-reaction might occur, where even hitherto stable situations deteriorate – relationships suffer, career progress stalls and, eventually, health declines.

How then do we stop these occasional  hopeless moments from degenerating into a negative spiral?

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Life is difficult enough, without mental strength, we stand no chance at all.
Arsene Wenger

1. You need mental strength
Self-pity never solves problems; but one resource that is fundamental to turning any bad situation around is our mental strength. We must first believe we can overcome before we actually do. As long as we don’t lose the battle in our heads, we can always bounce back, even from the brink.

2. You had good days before – they will come again.
When feeling hopeless, it’s vital to remember that happiness, like most other life situations, is cyclical.

Good times will always come around again, provided we maintain the right attitude and a positive mindset.

Therefore, when we seem not to have too much to cheer, we don’t have to become despondent either. We have to accept that we will have moments when we are not too happy – this makes us appreciate happy moments better when they come.

Psychology Today has published this very lovely article on how painful experiences increase our happiness.

3. No one has a perfect life
A major part of why people feel so miserable is because they compare their lives to other people’s. They think about the ‘perfect lives’ they see on social-media and wonder why theirs is so sad.

It’s human nature for people to showcase only what puts them in the best light, and a lot of what we see on Instagram is make-believe. In essence, we should always take a distance from what we see on social-media and stay grounded.

It’s no consolation, but the challenges we face at any given time are not peculiar to us, there are people who are going through the same and more.

4.  There is always someone who has it worse than you
That, at any given time, there is someone who has it worse than us might sound cliched but, ultimately, it is a truism of life and happiness –  and it helps to consider this when feeling hopeless.

When next you are feeling so miserable, spare a thought for the innocent people who lose their entire families and their own limbs to bomb blasts. Consider those who tend day and night to terminally-ill loved ones, who spend all the money they have and whose businesses are suffering due to lack of proper attention, and still lose the person eventually.

5. Remember that you have special qualities and be delighted about them
There are certain aspects of my life that I wish were better, but when ever I am saddened thinking about those who have it better in such aspects, the good voice within me is quick to ask:

  • “Would you rather be them, swap your special qualities – good health, spouse, family, talents, personality – for that thing which they have and you desire?”

The answer is always an emphatic ‘no’.

Ultimately, I’m happy with who I am and wouldn’t want to be anyone else. I wouldn’t trade my unique qualities for temporary situations.

This mantra keeps me going in my toughest moments.

6. You are a source of strength and inspiration to someone
There are people – children, family, protegees, colleagues – who still depend on us for strength, direction, and inspiration even when we are at our lowest ebb. While not living in denial about our challenges, it is  important that we don’t let such people down by remaining positive. Our feelings of despondence can easily transfer to those closest to us.

Knowing that some people remain our fans and admirers in any situation should remind us that our life is more meaningful than we think.

7. You enjoy good health
Good health is the foundation for all our dreams, hopes, and aspirations. It is one thing we should always be grateful for.

No matter how rosy our lives are, the situation quickly changes, and drastically, once we start to suffer ill-health.

In the same token, when we think life is tasteless, it becomes even worse and almost unbearable if illness (especially protracted) is thrown in the mix.

I often draw strength from knowing that I have good health when I am feeling hopeless.

8.  You are loved
Humans are highly social and affectionate beings, and knowing that our being around makes some people’s world a lot happier and meaningful should feel us with strength.

Nothing makes life more meaningless than the thought that if we breathed our last today, no one will really miss us or care.

Knowing that we are loved should lift us up when feeling hopeless, because not everyone can say they feel loved. It’s the reason why some people in spite of all their riches are still suicidal.

We take love for granted, but there are people who have hardly experienced genuine love all their lives.

9. Staying positive energizes those around us – and vice-versa
Remaining positive in all situations energizes those around us and, in return, we draw strength from their positive energy, too.

Everyone thrives in an atmosphere of hope and positivity – it is our duty to generate and spread the positivity in the first instance.

10. A positive mindset is good for the health
I mentioned earlier the important role good health plays in our overall happiness; however, happiness and good health are a two-way street – we also need to have a positive mindset to enjoy good health.


Have you ever felt utterly hopeless or on the brink of depression? How did you battle through it?
What are the personal mantras that help you stay positive in trying times?

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