Month: June 2017

10 simple thoughts to help you find strength when feeling hopeless

We all have moments in our lives when we are feeling hopeless because nothing seems to work and there is little to cheer. In times like this, depression can quickly set in if our emotions are not well managed. If this happens, a negative chain-reaction might occur, where even hitherto stable situations deteriorate – relationships suffer, career progress stalls and, eventually, health declines. How then do we stop these occasional  hopeless moments from degenerating into a negative spiral? 10 thoughts… Life is difficult enough, without mental strength, we stand no chance at all. Arsene Wenger 1. You need mental...

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10 ways youths can find wisdom and stay grounded in social-media age

It is more difficult now to find wisdom and stay grounded than at any other time in history. One major reason is that social-media is increasingly dominating people’s thoughts, forming perceptions, and influencing  attitudes – mostly negatively. It is very easy to lose one’s identity, values, maturity, or sanity (yes, sanity – this Forbes article on heavy Facebook and social-media usage causing depression is quite compelling) through unhealthy exposure to social-media. This tendency to be negatively influenced by the social-media is more common in youths and, especially, teenagers, who are naturally more excitable and impressionable. On the one hand, people...

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