Month: May 2017

13 emotional maturity quotes to help you find lasting happiness

Last time out, I wrote about signs of emotional immaturity. However, even for the most mature minds, certain unusual situations could arise where your emotions get the best of you before you have the time to gather your thoughts about how best to react or handle the situation. This is where mantras or quotes come in handy. Therefore, I have decided to follow the article up with related inspirational quotes for emotional maturity. These quotes will also help those who exhibit certain traits of emotional immaturity to develop their minds and become more emotionally immature. Enjoy! 1. Maturing is...

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10 signs you are emotionally immature

Humans are mental and emotional beings; hence, the wisest and best-behaved ones tend to find the best balance between their emotions and rational thinking. On the other hand, an emotionally immature person might be one who is more given to his emotions and, as a result, ends up regretting most of what he says or does. He could also lack character, in the sense that, his actions are not guarded by any set principles, thereby behaving erratically. The more emotionally immature you are the less happy you will be. This is so because an emotionally mature person, being one who...

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