Success takes more than just talent…

There is no worse emotion than that empty feeling of watching others succeed or get celebrated for their talents when you know that you are leading an ordinary life, despite having discovered your own talent or purpose.

It’s worse and potentially depressing when seeing others shine in your own area of talent and, deep down, you sense you are probably more talented – and in the era of Instagram, Snapchat and Youtube, you would be regularly inundated with such sights.
This feeling of emptiness, if well processed, could actually be the kick-up-the-backside that you need to finally start pursuing your dreams, without giving up, under any circumstances, till you are successful.
On the other hand, if you have experienced this feeling a few times and still could not get motivated, chances are that it has resulted in hopelessness, low self-worth and permanent loss of motivation (giving up on your dream)

Having experienced this feeling a few times, I have discovered a few reasons for lack of success in my area of talent.

1. Inertia
You may desire success or stardom all you like, you might even have revelations on how to succeed in a given task, but nothing works until you put your ideas into action. Everyone desires success, many have knowledge, but only
those who take meaningful action succeed.
Simple as it sounds, inertia is one major cause of failure. 

“Revelation minus action equals frustration.”Sam Adeyemi

2. Procrastination
Humans generally have the tendency to procrastinate – it’s innate. There is always that temptation to take action only when it’s convenient, when we are in the mood, or when there are imminent repercussions for inaction.
The problem with this attitude is that our actions are not as effective when not executed on time. It is a competitive world, and it is not the first to have an idea but the first to implement successfully that is rewarded.

Similarly, when we are spurred to action only because we are on the verge of losing an opportunity, the quality of our creativity and actions will be low.

A lifestyle of continually taking action in a timely fashion is certain to bring success in due course.

3. Lack of Persistence
The road to success is not always smooth, it is fraught with obstacles and 
challenges, but with persistence no obstacle is too hard to overcome.
If, everyday, we dedicate all our energy, focus, and mental resources on a particular endeavour, it’s inevitable that we will improve till we master it.
A tennis great said:

“Champions keep playing till they get it right.”Billie Jean King

4. Impatience
Sometimes, we covet the rewards or glamour of a particular career but not the years of hard-work and dedication. 

Many wish they had Lionel Messi’s life, but Messi only became a global superstar at 21 – after 15 years of hard-work, discipline, and dedication, training to be a profession footballer.

If instant gratification is our motivation, we would to struggle to find the patience needed to make a success of any meaningful career.

5. Fear of failure
Fearing to fail is normal. After all, no one wants to associate with failure.
However, our desire for success should be greater than our fear of failure.
No one who achieved greatness started from a position of confidence, but they refused to allow fear paralyze them.
Anyone who has been at a singing audition, especially on live TV, would tell you how nervous they were initially. Today, some of them are superstars and talent judges themselves.
When they faltered, they learnt and improved. When they shone, they drew confidence.

We do not fail until we give up.

6. Perfectionism
This is one major weakness of mine. Being quite finicky, I think nothing that is perfectly awesome should be showcased. I have since realized that feedback is a major part of perfecting one’s craft – and if you don’t showcase your work, you don’t get feedback.

There is also the tendency to think the efforts of others are better than yours. You will, however, be surprised how much people will appreciate your work when showcased.

7. Arrogance
Sometimes, we find it difficult to admit we are headed in the wrong direction or employing the wrong tactics.
Other times, it is our refusal to admit that we need others’ help or input that stops us from succeeding.

That you are talented doesn’t mean you may not need someone to help nurture or refine it. Some people’s talent is to help others maximize their potentials. It takes humility and wisdom to seek help when we need it on our journey to success.

8. Pessimism
A pessimist writes a proposal to three companies, none bother to reply never mind approve them. He concludes that it is the way it will be with every other company and that there is something about him they don’t like. He does not think about improving his proposals (possibly hiring an expert) because he thinks his rejection is permanent. He gives up.On the other hand, an optimist in the same situation, is convinced that if he keeps sending the proposals to more companies, eventually some will approve it. He also thinks that the timing and quality of his proposals might be a hindering factor.With a positive mindset, he improves the proposal, and re-sends them to the companies who rejected them initially. He is right – two of the companies have reviewed their procurement policies and approve them instantly on this occasion.

The optimist,because of his mindset, makes a major success of the same business the pessimist gave up on.

9. Unhealthy Competition

10. Indiscipline
I had to save this for the last, as it is the mother of all progress hindrances.

Are you an aspiring superstar singer who regularly gets involved in needless shouting contests, an athlete who binges on food and alcohol, or a budding entrepreneur who spends all this profit instead of ploughing back?

While you might get away with one or two of the earlier mentioned flaws, no one, in any situation, career, or aspect of life can get away with a lack of discipline. In fact, to overcome inertia, procrastination, impatience and petty competition, you need to be disciplined.