Month: March 2017

5 crucial reasons you struggle to find lasting happiness

Our mindset has lots to with our happiness… What makes some people easily find happiness and others perpetually miserable is not so much the events in their respective lives but their disposition – their emotional and mental outlook to life. Life presents everyone with their fair share of sad occurrences, but while some choose to remain hopeful, count their blessings, and put things in perspective; others play the victim, wallow in self-pity, and lose hope; thereby also losing the fight to take control of their lives and ending up in a negative spiral where they accept anything life throws at...

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10 character flaws that will deny you success even if you are super-talented

Success takes more than just talent… There is no worse emotion than that empty feeling of watching others succeed or get celebrated for their talents when you know that you are leading an ordinary life, despite having discovered your own talent or purpose. It’s worse and potentially depressing when seeing others shine in your own area of talent and, deep down, you sense you are probably more talented – and in the era of Instagram, Snapchat and Youtube, you would be regularly inundated with such sights. This feeling of emptiness, if well processed, could actually be the kick-up-the-backside that you need to finally start pursuing your...

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