Success Habits
Success begins in the mind…


“Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.” – Theodore Roosevelt

In everything we set out to achieve in life, be it improvement in career, relationships, or fitness, the foundation we lay will determine how easily we achieve success.

The reason we struggle is usually because of a wrong foundation or a false start, and getting off to a good start or laying a good foundation starts from the mind.

Our mindset about any given goal or situation determines our approach and invariably our success i.e What is our motivation? How strong is our desire? Are we willing to make the tough decisions? Do we expect instant reward? e.t.c.

Having established the relationship between success, a good mindset and a good start, I would like to share some of my approaches for success in 2017 and how to remain motivated through out the course of the year.

1. Declutter your mind.
The quality of our thoughts determine the quality of our actions. If we already have a lot of burden on our minds, we will lack the mental freshness that is needed for fresh ideas and creativity.

Instead of allowing our minds to be bugged down by old problems, we should by all means find immediate solutions to them or do away with them.

For example, if we spent the previous year worrying about how to pay our debts or evade our creditors, a good way to begin the year would be to clear off those debts or at least draw up a template that we will adhere to in a disciplined way. After which we can then proactively inform our creditors of our action-plan. 

Doing this will give us the peace-of-mind and focus needed to achieve new goals.

2. Do away with toxic people.
Life is challenging enough without people or situations that would impede our progress or pull us back. Hence, any attempt to make progress and last the course should begin with removing toxic or negative forces from our lives.

Toxic people can destroy our achievements, they can damage our hard-earned reputation or physical assets and, most crucially, they can also cause us emotional problems or kill our self-esteem so much that we are always in crisis-mode and never in creative-mode.Read more on identifying and dealing with toxic people.


“Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive results.” – Willie Nelson

3. Practise delayed-gratification.
Instant gratification can stall our progress in two main ways:

If you are the type who likes to see instant results or reward yourself early to keep motivated, you might struggle to remain motivated if you feel that you are not seeing results that are commensurate with your efforts or expectations. Life doesn’t always reward us early.

Another way is if you are rewarding yourself with resources that are meant to be reinvested as seeds for even bigger results. For example, you can’t achieve financial independence in 2017 or at anytime if you spend instead of reinvesting returns from an earlier investment.

Learning to delay gratification is key to sustained progress or success.

4. Improve your social and networking skills.
It is good to pray, but God doesn’t come down to hand us resources, everything we need is in the hands of other people. No matter how talented or determined we are, we cannot achieve everything we desire without leveraging on other people for their ideas or skills at some stage.

Similarly, if we have useful skills or solutions to problems, no one will patronize us if they don’t even know that we offer such skills or solutions. And as is commonly said, word-of-mouth remains the best form of publicity.

To improve your social and networking skills, you can join a church unit, a cooperative society or simply attend networking and entertainment events.

5. Learn more.
Knowledge is power. Everything becomes easier when we have the required knowledge. It could be knowledge about steps to take or knowledge about the tools to use in achieving an objective. A wise man knows that he needs to spend some time to sharpen his ax before attempting to fell a tree, an enthusiastic man without knowledge approaches the same task with a blunt ax and ends up tired and frustrated.

The key to success in 2017 and beyond might be that we need to enroll on short-courses, learn a new skill or simply learn new strategies to perform more efficiently in our existing trade.

6. Get mentored.
Learning from those who know more than us in a particular area or consulting those who have mastered a situation should be a low-hanging fruit in our quest for success.

Whether we are starting a business or trying to lose weight, there are people who have succeeded in those areas. Tapping their brain would not only help us succeed faster, it would be relatively stress-free. Adding our own uniqueness to our mentor’s template might even give us better results.

To avoid getting stuck in a rot in our quest to achieve our goals this year, we should get mentored.

7. Quit Procrastinating.
A lot of people have good plans and ideas, problem is they don’t act on them on time. When we delay executing an idea, by the time we eventually do, it might not be so relevant or exclusive.

We procrastinate for various reasons: over-analysis, fear of ridicule or failure, or sheer laziness; what ever the reason, we need to realize that only what you start can grow and while we procrastinate, motivation gradually goes as well.

If reducing procrastination, remarkably, is all that you master this year, you would have increased your chances of success by a great deal.

8. Exercise more.
Apart from the obvious health benefits and fitness that exercising guarantees, being able to push your body through the pain barrier and staying committed to a fitness regime helps develop mental-strength and discipline.

“Life is difficult enough, without mental strength we stand no chance at all.” – Arsene Wenger

It takes discipline, stamina and a great deal of mental strength to get through life’s challenges from day to day and over the course of a year, fitness and exercises is one sure way to develop all these qualities.