Year: 2017

15 awesome quotes to help you embrace love again

Certain sad experiences might cause us to be skeptical, or even paranoid, and make it hard for us to embrace love again. However, humans are naturally very affectionate beings – we desire to love and be loved in return. Therefore, to be truly happy, confident, and to find value for our existence, it’s vital that we open our hearts to embrace love again. No matter our experiences, we shouldn’t become prisoners of the past, and we certainly should not assume all humans are the same; we should learn to love again – and that is exactly what these 15...

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40 other impactful words to say to your loved-one besides ‘I love you’

‘I love you’ should be said to your spouse regularly, as a matter of the heart and as a matter of obligation (the head). In other words, ‘I love you’ shouldn’t only be said when we feel it, we should be intentional about saying it all the time… for reassurance, to deepen the bond and trust that exists between you, and as a sign of respect for your significant-other’s continued commitment towards you. For example, as a minimum, me and my wife will always say it every night before we sleep and every morning before we depart from each...

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8 positive thinking picture quotes to instantly brighten your life

Last time out, I wrote about 10 ways to develop a positive spirit, I have decided to follow it up with these Positive Thinking picture quotes that can give you that instant burst of positive energy, motivation, and encouragement.  Also, it’s a proven fact that words stick in the mind better when accompanied by pictures.  So, I hope you enjoy them and also find them worth sharing, and easily, with friends. 1. You cannot always influence or change situations, but you can always increase your capacity or change your approach… 2.  The present is filled with possibilities, creativity, and opportunities…...

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10 ways to develop a positive spirit

What is a positive spirit? I would like to describe a positive spirit as having a constant inner reservoir of faith, hope, love, vision, energy, mental strength, and all other positive virtues needed to overwhelm negative stimulus (people, events, sights) on the outside. Every human being will face their fair share of unfortunate experiences, but the only way to stay happy, loving, undefeated, and successful is by ensuring that what’s on the inside is always stronger than what is on the outside – having a positive spirit. How then do we develop a positive spirit? 10 ways… 1. Cultivate...

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20 uplifting quotes for strength when feeling hopeless

Sometimes, all it takes to be encouraged is the right word said at the right time; and that is why I have curated these very handy and uplifting quotes, as a follow-up to the 10 simple thoughts to help you find strength when feeling hopeless.  These quotes can also be easily shared when we can’t find the words to motivate, console, or encourage someone who needs it.     1. Let your hopes, not your hurts, shape your future.     Robert H. Schuller 2. He who has health, has hope; and he who has hope, has everything.    ...

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