Year: 2015

13 reasons why you are vulnerable to toxic people

At some point, we’ve all been involved with a toxic individual – that person who can’t help but be uneasy when we are happy, whose actions tend to leave us sad and drained, or one who develops an ego crisis once there’s a  semblance of progress or independence in our lives. “Respect yourself enough to walk away from anything that no longer serves, grows you or makes you happy.” – Unknown The tricky thing about dealing with such people is that you can’t use a one-size-fits-all approach. While it is more straight-forward to relieve a toxic employee of his job, it’s more complicated when trying to define our relationship with a long-term friend, partner, sibling or even parents – Yes parents! Just how do you tell a mother or mother-in-law, whose prolonged stay in your marital home is beginning to strain your marriage, ‘mama it’s time to leave’? Selfish love or over-protectiveness from our parents at certain stages of our lives may tend towards toxicity without them realizing it. It is our duty to help them maintain a healthy and mutually respectful relationship. This requires firm, but respectful and clear communication of our thoughts.   Others, cowards and malcontents, are only in our lives to take advantage of us. No matter what we do to please them, they are not satisfied. They cannot accept a relationship that is not purely...

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10 negatives thoughts to conquer for a fulfilled life

To master our lives we need to master out thoughts. It is not the happenings in our lives that shape our future but how we process such experiences. Our life events are influenced by our thought patterns and beliefs; hence, the quality of our thoughts is the quality of our lives. Therefore, as important as thinking positively is obliterating negative thoughts about ourselves. It is impossible to succeed, build healthy relationships or find fulfillment if we are paranoid. I have discussed some of the most common negative thought patterns and the ones I have been able to personally overcome –...

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16 ways to cultivate happiness culture

Happiness is not an event, material possession or destination. It is a habit – we have to cultivate happiness.   – If happiness were an event, people who are depressed would easily overcome it because while they are suffering depression, good things happen to them occasionally. – If happiness were riches, wealthy people, famous actors and sportsmen would never be suicidal. – On the other hand, there are lots of people with myriad problems – lack of money included – who still have a taste for life even if they desire to be happier. All these show that happiness is...

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5 ways to stay positive and not be embittered when people don’t help you

One of the most upsetting or potentially depressing things that can happen to us humans is being disappointed or outrightly refused when we turn to people – especially close ones – for help. It’s extremely hard to stay positive under such circumstances. This feeling of disappointment or embarrassment if not properly handled can have a very negative effect on our emotions in a number of ways: – It might result in resentment and hatred. – It might cause us to become paranoid. We start to think that because someone has refused to help us, it must be that human...

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