Year: 2014

15 powerful self-love quotes to condition your mind for progress

The big question: DO YOU LOVE YOURSELF ENOUGH – IF AT ALL? Self-love is not narcissistic, it is loving yourself adequately enough to be able to radiate same to others without feeling used, drained or overburdened – we simply cannot give what we don’t have.  Every personal development or self-improvement drive has to begin with you falling in love again  with yourself just the way you are. The psychology behind this is simple. The more you love something or someone the more value you place on them; and the more you value someone the better you treat them –...

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The 10 don’ts for a better self-esteem

“Low self-esteem is like driving through life with your hand-break on.” – Maxwell Maltz The difference between Successes and Failures at times is just their self-esteem. People with low-self-esteem tend to be more withdrawn, too self-conscious and are crippled by fear of ridicule so much that they end up being paralysed, and afraid to venture or express themselves – People with a healthy self-esteem are always waiting for the next opportunity to shine. To ensure that we maintain a positive self-esteem, here are 10 of the things we should avoid doing – please have a good read; and feel free to offer your...

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10 simple ways to maximize the power of resolutions

               “If you don’t like where you are, change it; you’re not a tree.” – Jim Rohn January is here – time again for resolutions, vows or whatever else we like to call them.  For many, it’s about keeping with family traditions; for some, their pastor’s admonition is key, while others just find it easier to motivate themselves for lasting changes at the start of a year. Whatever the motivations, what most of these resolutions have in common is that they are at best partly adhered to, and at worst jettisoned altogether early on. Therefore, is it really possible to turn these resolutions into habits...

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