Knowing when to quit a wrong mission is no less wisdom than holding on to a vivid vision ~ Imbuedman

I guess we’ve heard these several times before:
“If you quit, you’re a loser…”
“You’re a coward for changing your mind…”
“We’re now ready to double your pay…”
“What would people (family) say when they hear that you’ve abandoned your plans of being of

“You’ve put all your time and effort into this thing, don’t give up. You’ve dated for 3 years; where do you find a good man…” (In the case of an abusive relationship)

Anyone who suggests that you are making a mistake by, quitting, changing course or retracing your steps without considering your reasons is probably being selfish, anxious, paranoid or trying to infect you with their own timidity which stops them from stepping out of their ‘comfort-zone’.

Ask yourself this question for instance: How can honourably leaving someone else’s business to pursue your own dream be prejudicial?

It can only be considered a loss by anyone who doesn’t believe you have any worthwhile dream, derive a false sense of security and satisfaction from seeing you live for survival and not for self-actualization just like them, or by those who seek to continue to use you to meet their own selfish ends.

*Don’t let anyone use you to fulfil personal ambitions.
*Don’t let anyone discourage you from dreaming big.
*Don’t let anyone infect you with their own lack of courage in taking bold decisions and steps
*There is a major difference between starting a seemingly arduous but ultimately rewarding journey and a misadventure you should turn back from, no matter how far in…

…Knowing when to quit a wrong mission is no less wisdom than holding on to a certain vision. 

What experiences or dilemma have you faced when trying to decide to quit and start something else? How did you overcome the fears, threats and uncertainties?
Please share in the comments section. Cheers!