Month: November 2013

Quitters can be Winners… It depends on the reason.

Knowing when to quit a wrong mission is no less wisdom than holding on to a vivid vision ~ Imbuedman I guess we’ve heard these several times before: “If you quit, you’re a loser…” “You’re a coward for changing your mind…” “We’re now ready to double your pay…” “What would people (family) say when they hear that you’ve abandoned your plans of being of Doctor…” “You’ve put all your time and effort into this thing, don’t give up. You’ve dated for 3 years; where do you find a good man…” (In the case of an abusive relationship) Anyone who suggests...

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13 ways Paranoia may be stealing your Happiness and limiting your progress

Bitter experiences – such as disappointments, physical and emotional abuse, broken hearts or being defrauded – in our lives might lead us to trust people less. It might necessitate that we become less emotional and more rational.  However, it is important to not distrust or become suspicious of everyone afterwards. All human beings are not the same. If we consider ourselves – the victims of someone’s abuse or cheating – to be good, then it means that there are other good people out there.  We may be cautious, but we can’t afford to become paranoid or cynical. I have had many sad experiences in my life too, but I realise that I cannot afford to become negative about people – in general – and every situation. I simply remind myself of the many good people who have helped me and stayed true. I remind myself that I have relied on people’s assistance along the way to get to where I am, and that I will still need people to make further progress.   Paranoia is a very dangerous thing. It is very prejudicial to our Emotional-wellness and Sound Judgement. Everything, everyone and every situation is the same – “they are all bad”… and in that realm it is impossible to progress. I have come across many people lately, particularly women, who are so scared of emotional engagement or investment of any sort. In fact, to many...

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Paranoia is a limiter of Destiny…

It’s okay to pay attention to ‘enemies’ to the extent that they do not hurt you again. Anything more is just vanity and a distraction from purpose. Do not continue to look back. Don’t live to prove people wrong; live to prove yourself and those who believe in you right. That way you are sure you are on the right path, and then you are able to focus all your emotional and mental capital on the journey ahead. Do not become your own worst enemy… paranoia is a limiter of Destiny.                  Seyi Ogunsola (Mr...

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