“The aspects of things that are most important for us are hidden because of their simplicity and familiarity.” — Ludwig Wittgenstein 

 “Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.” — Confucius

The easiest thing for me to do when life becomes a little difficult is to simplify my life. If I can’t add, then surely I can remove or simplify.

Time and again we overlook the simplest source of happiness… Simplicity!

I’d like to share 20 of the ways in which I make my life simple, hopefully we can relate with some of them and find them useful in helping us become happier people.

1. Don’t be boastful – When we boast we put so much pressure on ourselves in trying to live up, knowing that our failure will be spectacular and well noted.

2. Tell the truth as much as possible – Our brains are less stressed when we engage it proactively without having to worry about remembering, defending or denying what we said previously.

3. Live within your means – This sounds obvious enough; but it’s surprising how so many people still try to earn their way out of financial difficulty instead of curbing their spending. You don’t have to be on the wedding train of every of your former school-mates.

4Don’t build happiness or self-esteem on money and material acquisitions – Life will always be complicated for us when we try to be happy by having everything that is in vogue or everything our neighbour has. One race that you will never win is out-buying or “out-possessing” everyone else.

5. Don’t try to be a perfectionist  This way you can do things your way, in your own time and at the convenient pace.

6. Don’t be a people pleaser  It never works anyway. Some people will never like you – just focus everyday on being a better you.

7. Do the simple things – Dress yourself up and take self-pictures, watch TV, sing, play with chickens, ride a bicycle, sing and record… just do the simple things that please you.

8. If you don’t understand what someone has just said, ‘simply‘ say so – Save yourself the stress that comes with worrying about being figured out or embarrassed.

9. Be kind and helpful whenever possible – Someone will be there to help you when life gets hard

10. “Simply” ask questions or seek directions – You get things done better, faster and more easily.

11. Don’t be overcritical of people – This happens in football – when some people can’t even pick up their phones or go to work when their team has just lost, because of how offensive they were in criticizing their colleague’s team. You can then imagine what happens if it’s a failure in personal life.

12. Share your problems – There is nothing we are going through that someone hasn’t been through.

13. Be respectful and courteous – Life becomes complicated when we have to take the other route to avoid saying hello.

14. Put your well-being and health first (Spiritual devotion, exercises, healthy diet)  – Everything in life is simpler and easier when we enjoy good mental, emotional and physical health.

15. Spend less on celebrations – They only last a few hours.

16. Spend quality time with family – We are at our freest and most natural when around family – It’s not such a big deal when that loud fart escapes from our pants.

17. Be humble and kind to everyone – “That driver” may have the ears of the company CEO and might be able to put in a word for you.

18. Don’t be obsessed with following trends – You are constantly worked up thinking about how to raise money for the next iPhone – and guess what, they soon become obsolete.

19. Don’t try to do everything by yourself – Get a mentor, adviser or assistant. How many times have we seen leaders fail or get exhausted because they wont delegate nor seek advice.

20. Never promise too much – If we make a genuine promise and change in circumstances mean we cant live up, we should be bold enough to communicate and not start lying or avoiding people. People appreciate us more than what we can offer; hence, it’s important we don’t wreck the relationship.

Mr Imbuya (Seyi Ogunsola)

Twitter @mr_imbuya