The mind is arguably the most important part of us humans.

The quality of our thoughts determines our habits or life choices – an unhealthy mind can impact on our body and life in general negatively.

An unhealthy mind cannot manage people, relationships, money or even the human body.
A mind that is weighed down by the burden of guilt would find it difficult to be happy or express love.
An unhealthy mind is also likely to depend on artificial tranquilizers to give it a false sense of freedom or relief, by taking harmful substances that are prejudicial to the body.

Similarly, we may possess so much material wealth and still remain disillusioned if we are unhappy, worried or paranoid.

Guilt, fear, stress, horror, worry, jealousy, obsession and paranoia are some of the things that clutter the mind; so I’ve tried listing some simple things that can help us declutter the mind.

                “There is no pillow so soft as a clear conscience

Read, enjoy and please share your own opinions or experiences…

1. Call people up. Fulfill your promise of checking up your niece in the hostel. Visit Grannies.

2. Be responsible – Don’t let duties overlap.

3. Redeem your pledges and promises.

4. Don’t procrastinate – Begin to work on your goals:  car servicing, mammogram, dieting etc.

5. Tidy up your personal space – be able to locate personal effects easily as and when needed.

6. Try to always sleep on a well made bed – The quality of our sleep determines the freshness of
our minds and invariably the productivity of each new day.

7. Pray – Communicate, be at peace, and receive fresh inspiration from your maker.

8. Exercise.

9. Settle disputes and make up with very loved ones or genuinely good people in your life ASAP – nothing affects our concentration more.

10. Forgive – at the very least – those who have proven to be unrepentantly malicious and antagonistic; and then keep your distance.

11. Be good natured, honest and caring.

12. Share your problems – confide in someone, often we will feel much better by their show of care
and empathy, if not by their ability to suggest a solution.

Advise people honestly, or keep your counsel.

14. Don’t victimize anyone – “there is no pillow so soft as a good conscience”.

15. Avoid horror movies or gory footage on TV if you’re faint hearted.

16. Forgive yourself.

17. Listen to music.

18. Watch NatGeo wild or any documentary of animals in their natural environments. Animal
habitats are an antithesis of the most rowdy urban centre. Hence, they have a way of
absorbing us into their sheer splendor, peace and serenity.

19. Be contented – don’t clutter your mind with unhealthy desires and competition.

20. Don’t be lustful/obsessive.

What are your best ways to declutter the mind? Please share with us in the comments section.

Written by: Seyi Ogunsola (Mr Imbuya)
Twitter: mr_imbuya

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